November 2012 …

Now in rehearsals for King Lear directed by Jonathan Miller playing Goneril and loving it.

J. Miller  rehearsals

I never thought it possible to find redeeming characteristics in her – but am now really sympathetic to her ‘hateful life!’ and careless parenting!!

Late November 2012 …

  • Recorded two new episodes of:

Blake’s 7: – The liberator chronicles – Big Finnish Productions.Jenna’s Story’ and ’Logic’


September 2012 …

    • Returned to London to start work on a new play by Alan Franks called: A World Elsewhere, which I shall be directing in the late spring of 2013

    • Shot an Indie film called:

      Adored by Amy Lloyd

      Played the mother –  Sam cox played dad – had a great week end working with and old friend and we were  very impressed with the crew of young up an coming film makers 

Summer 2012 …

started well with a production of

The Presidential Suite by John T Brinkley .

sally  mdme chataigne

Presidential Suite – Edinburgh  Festival 2012 

4 Stars in “The Times “ August 2012

” Madame Chataigne, (Sally Knyvette) whose impassioned and flooring performance was so fixating I stopped scribbling notes just to watch the maddened manipulation”.